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Our Story

100% Cornish and proud. 

Born and raised in Cornwall, growing up in and around the sea founded our deep routed love for the outdoors and the ocean. We know wild swimming.  We are swimmers, beach goers and crazy lovers of all cold water. Salt + sand is in our blood.

Having a background in design and fashion the Cornish studio just sort of happened. It all started with a vision of a beach bag and now we are here, bringing the world a range of fresh designs and products straight from the studio. Obviously all Inspired by our Cornish life, but also heavily influenced by positive vibes and joy. We are strong believers of positivity. It’s a vibe. A lifestyle.

Here at the Studio sustainability is at our core. It’s the main motivator. We must operate in a conscious way. It’s our zero waste attitude that lead us to become part of an energy from waste program. Where all our waste is used to produce clean Green energy. Clean Green energy that is produced and sent back to the grid and waste that is kept out of landfill. This we are most proud of. So every time you make purchase from us, you're contributing to the creation of clean Green energy. No greenwashing.

Our ocean is of the upmost important to us. We aim as a brand to raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and how we need to protect it. It’s a vibe. A Lifestyle.